1) I ____ strawberries. a) like b) likes c) hates 2) ___ he like pizza? a) Do b) Does c) Is 3) Does she ____ pears? a) like b) likes c) do d) does 4) Does she like milk? Yes, she ___. a) do b) don't c) doesn't d) does 5) ___ they like lemons? a) Do b) Does c) Are d) IS 6) Do you ___ lemons? a) likes b) like c) don't like d) doesn't like 7) It's my ____ food. a) favourite b) fovorite c) favarite 8) _____ me, Carla. a) Yummy b) Turn c) Tell d) Ugh 9) Yummy! They're _____ a) horrible b) delicious c) favourtie 10) He ____ like pears. a) don't b) doesn't c) does d) do 11) I ____ like pizza! a) don't b) doesn't c) does 12) I ____ like hamburgers and I don't like pears. a) doesn't b) don't c) does 13) Can you ____ the guitar? a) paly b) play c) plays d) do 14) Her favourtie food ___ cheese. a) are b) do c) is d) doesn't e) don't 15) Is pizza Gloria's favourite ____? a) instrument b) food c) good d) do 16) ____ you got a pair of yellow trainers? a) Do b) Have c) Don't d) Doesn't 17) _____ is the beanie now? It's in the drawer. a) Who b) What c) Whose d) Where e) When 18) Cukier a) sugar b) fat c) sweets d) milkshake 19) I don't _____ - nie mam nic przeciwko a) like b) find c) mind d) love e) hate 20) His mother ____ yogurt. a) like b) doesn't loves c) loves 21) No ___ ! - Nie ma mowy! a) day b) way c) problem d) today 22) Tłuszcz a) butter b) fat c) fish d) sugar




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