flamingo - It's pink. It's a bird. It can't fly. It has got thin legs., fox - It's orange and white. It has got a rich tail. It's wild., rhino - It's grey. It's very big. It has got a horn on the nose., dolphin - It's grey. It can swim and it's very intelligent., panda - It's black and white. It eats leaves of the trees. It's wild. It's not a bear., kangaroo - It's big. It can jump. It has got a pocket. It lives in Australia., koala - It isn't a bear nor a panda. It lives in Australia. It can climb trees., sheep - It's white and soft. It's important for the wool., donkey - It's grey. It isn't a horse. It's stupid., turtle / tortoise - It's small and green. It can live one hundred years. It can live in the garden or in the water.,




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