We have been talking about you. - Who have you been talking about?, I have been looking for a flat for two months. - What have you been looking for for two months?, He’s been sitting in that chair all evening. - Where has he been sitting all evening?, We’ve been travelling around Europe for 4 years. - Where have you been travelling for 4 years?, Mandy’s been listening to the radio all morning.  - What has Mandy been listening to all morning?, Children have been waiting for the bus for half an hour.  - What have children been waiting for for half an hour?, Andrew’s been living in the country since 2015.  - Where has Andrew been living since 2015?, My parents have been driving this car for five years now. - How long have your parents been driving this car?, Tony’s been reading this book for a week. - What has Tony been reading for a week?, My brother’s been studying really hard recently. - What has your brother been doing recently?,

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