Moral act - An act considered to be good or right., Immoral act - An act considered to be bad or wrong., Amoral act - An act with no 'rightness' or 'wrongness' attached., Decalogue - The Ten Commandments., Intrinsic value - Value in and of itself., Teleological ethics - Morality is decided by the consequences of the action., Deontological ethics - Morality is based on duty and obligation. An action should be based on whether the action itself is right or wrong rather than the consequences., Absolutism - The view that some actions are always moral or always immoral., Relativism  - The view that actions can be deemed moral or immoral depending on circumstances., Utilitarianism - An action is right if it brings about the most happiness or pleasure or good., Omniscient - All knowing (referring to God)., Covenant - Agreement/promise., Apodictic - Clearly established or beyond dispute., Monotheism - Belief in one god., Polytheism - Belief in many gods.,




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