What kind of humanitarian help is given to the poorest regions in the world?, Describe a situation in which you, or someone you know, got involved in a charitable organisation., Why do teenagers have idols?, Describe a situation in which you, or someone you know, met a famous musician or actor., Describe a situation in which you played some sport outdoors., Are outdoor sports popular where you live? Why?, Is it healthy to eat in the school cafeteria?, Describe the last time you went to a fast food restaurant., In which jobs will computers never be able to replace humans? Why?, Why do young children often want to become astronauts?, In wich areas of life are robots more efficient than humans? Why?, Which jobs will be done mainly by robots in the future?, Do you think that we should all be interested in current news events? Why?/Why not?, ŽDo you think that getting the news from only one source (e.g. one newspaper) gives you a full picture of reality? Why?/Why not?, Do you think that teenagers should be taught at school on how to use the Internet responsibly ? Why?/Why not?, How old do you think a child should be to use the Internet freely, without supervision? Why?, What kind of situations can make you angry?, Describe a situation when you got really angry with someone., Is it important to look fashionable? (Why?), Which is more important: personality or good looks? (Why?), Describe a person you know or have seen who is very unusual., Are you worried about the environment? (Why? / Why not?), What was the worst weather you’ve ever experienced?, What is the worst natural disaster you have seen on the news?, Describe a situation when you or someone you know did something to protect the environment., Should we keep animals in zoos? (Why? / Why not?), Should people give money to beggars in the street? (Why? / Why not?), Should the government help people who have suffered from natural disasters? (Why? / Why not?), What do you think are the most important social problems in Poland?, What should charity organizations do with the money they collect?.





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