When we ____, everybody ____ in their rooms. 22. What ____ when you ____ them in the park? Kasia ____ under the weather yesterday. While we ____ home from the cinema, we ____ our history teacher. She ____ weight last year because she ____ too many sweets. She didn’t phone at six. She ____ I ____ at that time. She was sleepy as she ____ hard all night. When they ____ at the cinema, the film ____. As a child, Tomek ____ very little. This time yesterday we ____ on the beach. We ____ at home and our parents ____ in the garden. Suddenly, we ____ the thunder. What time ____ yesterday? When I ____ through Warsaw I was thinking about the wonderful times I ____ there as a student. I ____ of the window last night because I ____ some noises. After I ____ the letter I ____ I ____ the wrong address.




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