1) say that you're tired 2) talk to your cousin 3) learn German 4) read a set book 5) live in a block of flats 6) take a photo 7) sleep badly 8) write an essay 9) lie in bed 10) draw a picture 11) spend money on something 12) run a marathon 13) walk along the street 14) give a speech 15) get a birthday present 16) forget to do your homework 17) need a new pair of trainers 18) want to have a break 19) look for keys 20) tidy your bedroom 21) cook tomato soup 22) fly to Barcelona 23) study for a Maths test 24) teach English at primary school 25) make sandwiches for lunch 26) work in a hospital 27) call your friend 28) feel unwell  29) use a computer 30) organise a party 31) sit on the chair 32) wait for the bus 33) sell an old bike 34) buy a new smartphone 35) travel around the world 36) clean the windows 37) wash your hair 38) have a sister/brother


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