I had some eggs and bacon. - What did you eat/have for breakfast today?, I played basketball in our school team. - What sport did you practise at school?, I had seen Brandon only once before I found out about his death.  - How many times had you seen Brandon before he died?, We moved there in 2000 and he was already there, so for about 10 years, I believe. - How long had he lived/had he been living there when you moved?, The children were watching TV. - What were they doing at 4 o’clock yesterday?, No, they hadn’t finished yet when I called. - Had they finished yet?, I was washing up when they arrived. - What were you doing when they arrived?, While I was preparing dinner Tom was getting ready for it. - What was Tom doing while you were preparing dinner?,

New Horizons - B1+ - Grammar - Lesson 11 - Practice 2




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