1) Helen is such a couch _______. I have never seen such a lazy person in my life. a) potato b) onion c) cucumber 2) Fred and Fiona are still _____. They're just 8 years old. a) teenagers b) adults c) kids 3) Have you seen this _____? It's so romantic. a) poem b) survey 4) Greg is a ________. He doesn't go to work because he retired at the age of 68. a) teenager b) pensioner c) kid 5) Did you take part in this ______? It consists of only 10 questions and it's very easy. a) survey b) novel c) poem 6) What TV________ do you like? a) programmes b) novels c) surveys 7) Fiona's a middle-______ person. a) old b) young c) aged 8) These twins have such _______ eyes because they watch too much TV. a) round b) square c) triangle 9) Did you read the film ______? I can't wait to go to the cinema to watch the new Star Wars. a) review b) novel c) poem 10) Karen's got a terrible voice. She really can't _____. a) cook b) write poems c) sing 11) Would you like to ______ photos in the forest? a) make b) take c) do 12) Mark is an ______. He's 50 years old. a) adult b) teenager c) kid 13) How old are they? Are they ________? They look like 16 years old. a) adults b) teenagers c) kids




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