Visiting speakers - Can provide for the sharing of real life experiences, fresh insights and the sharing of specialist knowledge, A real-life working model - Can promote more of a 'hands on' way of learning - learners no longer need to imagine or look at images in books or simply what might be described, Quizzes - Can be an informal fun or even competitive way of assessing learners and minimise anxiety associated with more formal assessment methods., Projects - Can promote independent research skills, Role plays - Can help develop social skills; can encourages group participation in a safe environment; can support learners link theory to practice, Videos - Can support those with a more visual learning preference; useful for promoting discussion and easy to access at a later date if necessary, Worksheets - Can be created for a range of purposes and can accommodate a range of ability levels; can allow the learner to work at their own pace and can potentially be used as useful study material at a later date, Field trip - Can be more enriching/active/stimulating and can bring the subject to real life; assists with putting theory into practice,




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