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1. This man needs a heart transplant; he is very overweight. Heart transplants give a further life expectancy of around five years. , 2. This man needs a sex change. He has been waiting for five years for the operation and has attempted suicide on three occasions. Sex change operations are known to have an extremely high success rate, far higher than for any other surgical procedure. , 3. This father is the sole income provider for a wife and five children, He needs a coronary bypass, which stands a 90% chance of being completely successful. , 4. These five patients all need cataract operations. All have been waiting for over a year and all are unlikely to be able to do their current jobs if their eye problems are not resolved. , 5. These two 60-cigarettes-a-day smokers need operations to have malignant tumors removed. Their life expectancy is thought to be no more than six months. , 6. This two-month-old baby needs a heart and lung transplant. The surgery needed is so new that no-one knows the chances of the baby's survival. , 7. This 80-year-old lady has just had a very serious car crash, and is now in a coma in the emergency ward. .




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