1) They must --- near here because they always walk to school. a) live b) have lived 2) It can't / can be easy for her, looking after three kids on her own. a) can't b) can 3) The house isn't hard to find. It's the red one at the end. You can’t --- it! a) miss b) have missed 4) I’m not sure where Ted is. He could --- early. a) leave b) have left 5) That can’t --- the vegetarian option. It's got chicken in it. a) be b) have been 6) We’d better hurry - the hotel might --- our room away by now. a) have given b) gave 7) Have you got your passport? I'm not sure if you'll need it but they --- ask you for ID. a) must b) might 8) Who left their laptop on my desk? It --- be Claire's – she has a day off today. a) might b) can 9) Samira has flu. We don't know yet but she may --- to take the whole week off. a) need b) have needed 10) The fridge is full! Someone must --- the shopping.  a) do b) have done 11) Your watch says a different time from mine. One of them must --- wrong. a) be b) have been 12) She can’t --- the computer. It’s still not working properly. a) fix b) have fixed




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