researcher - a scientist who studies something experimentally, establish - to discover a fact or prove that it's true, genes - things were DNA is stored, investigate - to work on solving a crime, laboratory - a place where experiments are done, measure - to find out the size of something, observe - to watch, predict - to tell the future, species - a type of animal or plant, substance - a type of liquid, hard, or gas material, hearing - the sense connected with ears, sight - the sense of seeing, smell - the sense connected with the nose, heroic - a soldier received a medal for his ... acts in battle, logical - IQ tests are designed to test ... thinking, scientific - penicillin was one of the greatest ... discoveries of all time, competitor - a person or team that is competing with another, employer - a person or organization that employs people, manufacturer - a company that produces something, photocopier - a machine that makes copies of documents, radiator - something used for heating a room, disapprove - her parents strongly ... of her marriage - they're against it, distrust - most people ... politicians and don't believe their words, rebuild - the city is planning to ... the church destroyed in the fire, rethink - I think your decision is wrong and you need to ... it, beak - the mouth of a bird, splash - the sound when something falls into water, equipment - the things that you need for doing a particular sport or activity, cloak - a piece of clothes that makes people invisible, few - the opposite of many,

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