1) The opposite to what you think will happen is known as the a) wrong hypothesis b) hypothesis c) null hypothesis d) opposite hypothesis 2) In order to understand whether or not someone is healthy enough to participate, we need a... a) PAR form b) PARQ form c) TARQ form d) consent form 3) How many pieces of literature is needed for our literature review? a) 1 b) 3 c) 2 d) 4 4) Not displaying their names in our report is known as a) BASES b) informed consent c) confidentiality d) ethics 5) Personal details irrelevant to the project should be left out in order to comply with a) confidence b) ethics c) data protection d) consent 6) Our project is focusing on... a) GPS to look at work rate b) how it can be used to support coaching c) distance covered d) all of the above




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