I (not laugh) at his joke. - Why? (you hear) it before?, Frankie (not be) surprised by the ending of the film. - (she read) the book before?, I (feel) homesick in France. - Why? (you never live) abroad before?, Our hotel (be) awful. - Really? (you check) it online before your holiday?, I (meet) my partner’s parents last Sunday. - Really? I thought you (meet) before., My grandma (have) a daughter from her first marriage. - Wow! I didn’t know she (be) married before., I (not eat) anything at the barbecue. - Why? (they eat) everything?, I (feel) ill last night. - Oh, maybe you (eat) something., Fred (come) back really excited from work last night. - Why? (he get) a pay rise?, My Jimmy (come) back really sad from school. - Why? (he fail) his test?,




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