1) One day, Bob ......... some work on his computer when his phone rang. a) sat in his office and did b) had sat in his office and had done c) was sitting in his office and doing 2) It was his friend Sally, who ..... him to her birthday party. a) invited b) had invited c) was inviting 3) When the day of the party came, Bob dressed smartly, ............. some flowers and called a taxi. a) buys b) was buying c) bought 4) Unfortunately, he realised he ......... any money from the ATM and he couldn't pay the taxi driver. a) hadn't withdrawn b) didn't withdraw c) was withdrawing 5) It ...... heavily but the driver told him to leave the taxi right away. a) rained b) was raining c) had been raining 6) When Bob was walking home to get some money, his neighbour Stan ..... him in the street.  a) saw b) had seen c) was seeing 7) Bob told him he needed to get to the party, so Stan ...... him a lift.  a) was offering b) had offered c) offered 8) When they were on their way, the car suddenly stopped and thick smoke started to come out from under the bonnet. It turned out Stan ....... to top up the cooling liquid! a) had forgotten b) forgot c) was forgetting 9) One hour later, Sally .......... some news on TV when she heard the doorbell. a) watched b) was watching c) had been watching 10) When she opened the door, she saw Bob and Stan, completely soaked, who got on foot to her apartment. However, it turned out that Bob ....... down the wrong date - the party would be on the 30th, not 13th!!! a) had written b) was writing c) wrote




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