Mum has been chopping onions. That’s why her eyes are red. - past actions of certain duration with visible results in the present, We’re going out tonight. - fixed arrangements in the near future, My dad usually goes to bed at midnight. - repeated actions, Deborah has dyed her hair black. - recently completed actions, The next train to Birmingham leaves at 6:15. - timetables, Linda is staying with her parents this week. - temporary situations, Brown serves the ball but Williams misses it. - reviews and sport commentaries, Frank is reading a book at the moment. - actions happening at the moment of speaking, The sun goes down in the west. - permanent situations or states, I have put on weight. - personal experiences, They’ve been working out for half an hour. - actions started in the past and continuing up to the present, He’s always complaining about the weather. - repeated annoying actions,

New Horizons - B2 - Grammar - Lesson 15 - Introduction




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