1) The government made an ......yesterday that it was going to increase the number of field trips abroad. a) announced b) announce c) announcer d) announcement 2) The government believes that trips to other countrries are essential for a student's ........... a) develop b) underdeveloped c) developing d) development 3) There were many ...... as to which countries were worth visiting and for what reasons. a) suggestions b) suggest c) suggestively d) suggestive 4) A spokesperson from the government gave a clear ...... of how students can benefit from trips abroad. a) explanation b) explain c) explanatory d) explaining 5) A field trip can, of course , be ........for students  a) enjoy b) enjoyable c) enjoyment d) enjoying 6) but, most importantly, a field trip should be ......  a) educational b) educate c) educator d) education 7) If a trip is organised properly, then it can be a(an) ........... experience. a) forgettable b) unforgettable c) fogetful d) forget




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