1) You meet a friend who has recently had a baby, tell her that the newborn looks a lot like his father. 2) You are at a customer service desk because your mobile doesn´t work; the shop assistant tells you he will have to disassemble it to fix it 3) Tom has scolded his daughter with inappropriate words! Ask him to apologize and admit wrongdoing! 4) Help Lucy to ask her brother to dismantle the Christmas tree. 5) Explain to this man that there are families available to host people in their house. 6) Tina is hurt and betrayed by all his lies.  7) A good detective is able to collect all the proofs. 8) Ask the tailor to make your dress tighter. 9) Tell him that you need to be on time at the airport because your flight leaves at 6 p.m. 10) Explain to your friends that you must leave the party quickly  11) Explain to the H.R. Manager that hiring more staff will improve the Company. 12) Welcome Thomas and ask him to remove his shoes. 13) Ask your daughter to remove the apple from the backpack. 14) Your friend is going on a date , ask her where are they going for dinner. 15) You want to start a small talk, ask your colleague which hobby does she want to start. 16) Ask kindly to a colleague if you can take control over the screen and share your presetation.


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