coffeemaker - an electric machine that makes coffee, dishwasher - a machine that washes dishes, fridgefreezer - a large piece of electrical kitchen equipment, of which one part is a fridge and one part is a freezer, kettle - a container with a lid, a handle, and a spout, used for boiling and pouring water, microwave - a type of oven that cooks food very quickly using very short electric waves instead of heat, remotecontrol - a thing you use for controlling a piece of electrical or electronic equipment without having to touch it, washingmachine - a machine for washing clothes, battery - an object that provides a supply of electricity for something such as a radio, car, or toy, centralheating - a system of heating buildings in which water or air is heated in one place and then sent around the rest of the building through pipes etc, tap - a piece of equipment for controlling the flow of water, gas etc from a pipe or container,

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