concentrate - to think very carefully about something that you are doing, confidence - the belief that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully, creativity - the ability to use your imagination to produce new ideas, make things etc, intelligence - the ability to learn, understand, and think about things, knowledge - the information, skills, and understanding that you have gained through learning or experience, learn by heart - to memorise something perfectly, so that it can be written, recited or performed without thinking, memory - someone’s ability to remember things, places, experiences etc, pay attention - to watch, listen to, or think about someone or something carefully, revise for - to study facts again, in order to learn them before an examination, catch up - to improve and reach the same standard as other people in your class, group etc, fall behind - to make less progress than others in a competitive situation, get on with - to make progress with a particular activity, plan etc, give up - to stop doing something, especially something that you do regularly, keep up - to continue doing something, look through - to look for something among a pile of papers, in a drawer, in someone’s pockets, make up - to produce a new story, song, game etc by thinking, pick up - to learn something by watching or listening to other people, sum up - to give the main information in a report, speech etc in a short statement at the end, work out - to think about something and manage to understand it, cope with - to succeed in dealing with a difficult problem or situation, focus on - to give special attention to one particular person or thing, or to make people do this,

Gold experience B1+ unit 5 learning skills + phrasal verbs




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