1) for the reaction 1A+2B ⇌ 1C+2D what is the correct Kc expression a) (C)(D)²/(A)(B)² b) [C][D]²/[A][B]² c) (A)(B)²/(C)(D)² d) [A][B]²/[C][D]² 2) For the expression 1A+2B ⇌ 1C+2D what are the units for Kc? a) mol dm⁻³ b) no units c) mol² dm⁻⁶ 3) For the expression 1A+2B ⇌ 1C+2D the forward reaction has a ΔH value of -92 Kj mol⁻¹what efffect would increasing the temperature have on Kc? a) No change b) Kc increases c) Kc decreases 4) If the equilibrium favours the reagents, what can you say about Kc a) Kc is less than 1 b) Kc equals 1 c) Kc is bigger than 1 5) What effect does a catalyst have on the value of Kc? a) Kc increases b) Kc decreases c) Kc remains unchanged 6) In the reaction N₂O₄ ⇌ 2NO₂ what happens to the position of the equilibrium if the NO₂ concentration is doubled? a) remains unchanged b) moves to the left c) moves to the right




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