Present Simple: Love changes everything., Anna usually wears trousers., Fred never lies., The Sun doesn't go around the Earth., How do we know each other?, Present Continuous: What are you doing?, Today she's wearing a skirt., I'm buying a new dishwasher on Monday., Is your dad reading a book?, Are you watching without me?, Present Perfect: I've bought you something. Look., We've finished!, I haven't been to Honolulu., Have you written that email?, Has she eaten frog legs before?, Past Simple: I met my boyfriend in 2002., Did you drink coffe this morning?, I didn't know about your illness., You didn't feed the cat yesterday., Were you a good student?, Were you at home last weekend?, Past Continuous: Yesterday at 6:00 I was painting the ceiling. , I was playing a game., What was I thinking?, Were you listening to me?, Was the baby crying all night?, All this time you were pretending., We weren't living together in 2011., Who were they talking to after the concert?, Why were you reading my diary? That's private., Future Simple: I will open the window., The doctor will be here soon., I won't do it., What will I wear?, I probably won't win the award., We will call you., I'll never lie to you again., Will Oliver agree with us?, The President won't speak tomorrow., Will you listen to me?,




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