1) She ... because she's late for her lesson. a) runs b) is running c) run d) running 2) Our teacher always ... us lots of homework. a) give b) is giving c) are giving d) gives 3) We ... to go to the concert. a) aren't wanting b) doesn't want c) don't want d) not want 4) What time ... you ... Peter tomorrow? a) are/meeting b) do/meet c) are/meet d) does/meet 5) I ... not ... today. I'm on holiday. a) am/work b) do/work c) am/working d) is/working 6) People ... English in Jamaica. a) speaks b) are speaking c) is speaking d) speak 7) Archie ... his computer at the moment. a) isn't using b) doesn't use c) isn't use d) don't use 8) ... Kate live near the park? a) Is b) Does c) Do d) Are 9) Be quiet! I ... a book. a) am reading b) read c) am riding d) reads 10) What film ... you ... ? a) do/watch b) is/watching c) do/watches d) are/watching 11) He ... to school every day. a) go b) is going c) goes d) going 12) She ... London very much. a) loving b) love c) is loving d) loves 13) They never ... there by plane. a) go b) are going c) is going d) goes 14) Right now, we ... to a lovely cd. a) listen b) is listening c) listens d) are listening 15) My borther ... his driving exam now. a) is taking b) takes c) take d) are taking 16) We ... when it's cold outside. a) hates b) hating c) hate d) are hating 17) ... she ... English at the moment? a) Do/learns b) Is/learning c) Does/lear d) Is/learn 18) Sometimes I ... singing, sometimes I ... . a) liking/'m not b) like/doesn't c) liking/isn't d) like/don't 19) Why ... you ... games now? You should do your homework. a) are/playing b) do/play c) is/playing d) does/play

Present Simple or Present Continuous? Choose the answer.




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