1.She ____ study German. 2.What ____ you like doing? 3.What is Tom ____? 4.What ____ you do yesterday? 5.Sue ____ phone me yesterday. 6.What ____ you doing yeserday at five? 7.We were ____ films all day yesterday. 8.Were you ____ when I phoned you? 9. They ____ been to Paris twice. 10.Have you ever ____ to London? 11.I have just ____ my homework. 12.Has she ____ her room yet? 13.I haven't done homework ____. 14.I ____ write a book one day. 15. People will ____ by electric cars in the future. 16.Will you ____ me? 17.I'm ____ to buy a new skirt next week. 18.What are you going ____ do after school? 19.Tom ____ going to come to the party.




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