1) I want to have ... room in the future.  a) a big b) a bigger c) a biger d) a bigest  e) the bigest 2) My dog is ... animal on the Earth. a) the cutest b) cute c) cuter d) the most cute 3) On the first day in the new job I was ... while doing a bungee jump. a) frightened b) the frightenest c) the most frightened d) as frightened as e) more frightened 4) She has ... grades ... me. a) gooder ... than b) better ... then c) the best ... then d) gooder ... then e) better ... than 5) This is ... shop in neighbourhood. a) farer b) the farest c) the forest d) the furthest e) further 6) Towel is ... than blanket. a) weather b) wetter c) weter d) veter e) vetter 7) You have to look ... to get this job. a) more inteligent b) inteligenter c) the inteligentest d) the most inteligent e) as inteligent as 8) I am the ... person from all of my friends. a) the shiest b) the shyest c) shyer d) shy e) more shy 9) My hair is ... than yours. a) dryer b) the driest c) drier d) the dryest e) more dry 10) You are ... person I have ever met. a) cleverer b) more clever c) the most clever d) the cleverest e) as clever as 11) It was ... test I have ever written. a) the lessest difficult b) the little difficultest c) the least difficult d) at least difficult e) at little difficult 12) Grass in my garden is ... than in my neighbour's. a) higher b) the higher c) the highest d) highest e) high 13) Sophie is ... name for baby girls. a) the commoner b) commoner c) the commonest d) more common e) the most common 14) You are ... . a) the most perfect b) perfect c) the perfectest d) more perfect e) perfecter 15) I am ... in this game. a) badder b) worse c) the worst d) the baddest e) a looser 16) My brother is ... than me.  a) older b) the oldest c) old d) elder e) the eldest 17) She is ... her sister. a) as beauty as b) beautiful c) the most beautiful d) as beautiful as e) more beautiful

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