1) They _______ a book. a) read b) reads 2) He ______ films. a) watch b) watches 3) We ______ songs. a) sings b) sing 4) She often______ the piano. a) plays b) play 5) You ______ homework. a) do b) does 6) It ______ computer games. a) play b) plays 7) We often ______ to the cinema. a) go b) goes 8) Kasia never ______ her room. a) tidy b) tidies 9) The students ______ the guitar. a) play b) plays 10) My brother always _____ late. a) gets up b) get 11) Mum and dad ______ dinner. a) cooks b) cook 12) Your dog ______ to music. a) listen b) listens 13) Tom and Kate ______ to bed early. a) go b) goes 14) My sister sometimes ______ tennis. a) plays b) play 15) Ola usually ______ a shower. a) have b) has





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