1) I ___________ (usually/ go) swimming on Mondays. a) usually go b) usually goes c) go usually d) goes usually 2) She _________ (always/play) basketball on Tuesdays. a) play always b) plays always c) always plays 3) They ___________ (meet) on Saturday this week. a) meet b) are meeting c) is meeting d) meets 4) He __________ (never/ have) breakfast in the morning. a) has never b) have never c) never have d) never has 5) She ___________ (play) a football tournament this Sunday. a) is playing b) playing c) play d) plays 6) I __________ (usually/ do) my homework in the evening. a) usually do b) do usually c) does usually d) usually does 7) Anne and Michael ____________ (fly) to Greece this weekend! a) fly b) are flying c) is flying 8) Tom ______________ (go) to the cinema on Friday. a) is going b) goes c) go 9) He __________ (always/ have) dinner in the evening. a) always have b) has always c) always has d) have always 10) We ____________ (have) volleyball practice on Mondays. a) have b) has c) are having 11) I ________ (never/be) late for school. a) never is b) is never c) never am d) am never 12) Me and my friends _________ (usually/go) to the cinema on Fridays. a) go usually b) usually go c) usually goes

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