1) what is this? 2) what is this? 3) Next person! 4) Next person! 5) What is one CAUSE of global warming? Why is it happening? 6) Eating meat vs. Saving the planet. How do you help the planet if you stop eating meat? 7) What should you do when you leave a room? 8) How many categories do you recycle at home? 9) Next person! 10) Global warming is ... Explain. 11) Next person! 12) What is this? 13) What is this? 14) Next person! 15) During Coronavirus time is there less pollution or more? 16) Why are animals in danger because of global warming? 17) What could Poland do to get more electric cars on the streets? 18) Is it better to ride the bus or ride your bike to save the planet? 19) Next person! 20) What is the hardest thing to do to be Ecological for you? 21) What animals are pollinators? 22) What is this? 23) How many years is a century?




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