1) The dogs --- walked three times a day. a) are b) are being c) have been 2) My treasure --- stolen. a) is just b) is just being c) has just been 3) The house --- sold this week. a) isn't b) isn’t being c) haven't been 4) The car --- washed at the moment. a) is b) is being c) has been 5) The litter --- collected every Monday. a) is b) being c) has been 6) The door --- opened yet. a) isn't b) isn't being c) hasn’t been 7) Sunday dinner --- hosted at 6 o’clock in the evening. a) is always b) is always being c) have always been 8) My sandwiches --- eaten. a) is already b) is already being c) have already been 9) Over a million dollars in cash --- stolen from a bank in Los Angeles. a) is b) is being c) has been 10) --- repaired yet? a) Is your car b) Is your car being c) Has your car been 11) How often --- cancelled? a) are the lessons b) are the lessons being c) has the lessons been 12) Why --- eaten now? a) is lunch b) is lunch being c) has lunch been




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