They speak German in Switzerland. - German is spoken in Switzerland., They make Rolls Royce cars in Great Britain. - Rolls Royce cars are made in Great Britain., They aren’t making pizza today. - Pizza isn’t being made today., Thousands of people have seen Schindler's List up to now. - Schindler's List has been seen by thousands of people up to now., What time do they feed animals? - What time are the animals fed?, They haven’t done their homework yet. - Their homework hasn’t been done yet., Both India and China produce tea. - Tea is produced by both India and China., Everyone in the office uses the computer. - The computer is used by everyone in the office., Tourists have spent millions of euros in Europe in the last few years. - Millions of euros have been spent by tourists in Europe in the last few years., They are fixing washing the dishes. - The dishes are being washed.,


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