1) I really love ___. a) to dance b) dancing 2) Jack always forgets ____ milk. a) to buy b) buying 3) I need ___ my hands. a) to wash b) washing 4) Children really enjoyed ___ muffins. a) to bake b) baking 5) I don't mind ___ the house. a) to clean b) cleaning 6) Sarah plans ___ in England for 2 years. a) to stay b) staying 7) My little brother wants ___ to the zoo. a) to go b) going 8) I prefer ____ the museum tomorrow. a) to visit b) visiting 9) My parents decided ____ in that hotel till Monday. a) to stay b) staying 10) I hate ____ my homework. a) to do b) doing 11) I would like ____ the next summer in Greece. a) to spend b) spending 12) Josh can't stand ____ Maths. a) to learn b) learning 13) They refused ___ where they come from. a) to say b) saying 14) I don't like ____. It's boring. a) to read b) reading 15) My mum agreed ____ me with my homework. a) to help b) helping 16) We are looking forward ___ you! a) to see b) seeing c) to seeing 17) My dad wants ____ visit Mexico. a) to visit b) visiting 18) Alice loves ___. a) to swim b) swimming




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