1) What was collectivisation? a) A policy to put farmers together in one place in farms owned by the state b) An industrial policy c) Private farms 2) What were the aims of collectivisation? a) Stalin was determined to solve the peasant problem and make peasants embrace socialism, rid society of Kulaks, end private ownership and increase production b) Increase private farms 3) How mechanised were collective farms? a) 75,000 tractors produced but in 1932 only 1/2 of Russian farms had access. They didn't make up for the loss of horses. b) Everyone had a tractor 4) What was the positive impact of collectivisation? a) Did increase production - eventually: 1928 - 73m tons, 1940 - 95m tons AND Grain exports rose:  1928 - 0.03m tons to 1931: 5m tons b) It didn't increase grain production




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