What was Gosplan? - Planning agency - set targets for industrialisation, Aims of industrialisation - Preparing for future war, Catch up with the West, Develop heavy industry, How successful were the 5YPs? - Significant increase in production of coal, iron and steel., How much did the economy grow by? - The Russian economy grew by 14% per year, egs of big developments - Magnitogorsk, Moscow Underground, Dneiper dam - huge pro, Did workers benefit? - Some improvement in living standards for some, end to rationing an, Stalin's key aim? - Preparation for war, Targets - Managers lied about targets - so planning was uncoordinated, quality was often low, and scarcity of workers and parts, Living standards - decreased and there were few consumer goods. (1928-1933 milk, fruit and meat consumption fell by 2/3s), Poor working conditions - Labour discipline and long working weeks, Wage diffentials - led to division with workers living in barrack housing and senior communists living in 14 room houses., Work force - 50% of work force were peasants and turnover was high, Unsuccessful - Economy not prepared for war in 1941 and Russia did not become self-sufficient,




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