Society - Organised group of people associated for some specific purpose or common interest, Socialisation - Lifelong process where members of society learn its norms, values, ideas, practices and roles in order to take their place in society, Primary Socialisation - During the early stages of childhood which takes place mainly within the immediate family, Secondary Socialisation - During the later years - other agencies like; (school, peer groups and friends), Internalisation - Learning of values or attitudes that are incorporated within yourself, Gender Socialisation - Act of learning to culturally defined gender roles through socialisation, Social Control - Concept that refers to way in which people's thoughts, feelings, appearance and behaviour are regulated in social systems, Institution - Established organisation founded for a religious, educational, professional or social purpose, Social Change - Alteration in the social order of society, Social Issues - Problems that affect many people within a society, Inequality - Unfair situation where resources or opportunities are distributed unevenly within a society, Social Stratification - Type of social inequality where society is divided into different levels on the basis of a social characteristic, e.g wealth or status, Social Class - Term used to define social inequalities e.g wealth, Social Action Theory - Way of viewing socialisation, emphasising social action,

Impact of society on sport and sport on society definitions




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