1) Duration, extent of impact and recovery periods fall into which category? a) Performance cycles b) Single performance characteristics c) Tapering d) Movement patterns 2) Considering the competition type, frequency and need for tapering falls within... a) single performance characteristics b) type of competition c) frequency of competition d) Performance cycles 3) Unilateral movements is when we move multiple body parts in unison a) true b) false 4) which is the odd one out in relation to movement patterns... a) sustained repeated movements b) contact/impact  c) reactive movements d) changes in direction e) pre-programmed movements 5) The ability to co-ordinate the body to change direction is known as a) balance b) agility c) proprioception 6) Recruiting maximum muscle fibres for a rapid rate of force development would be which fitness demand? a) strength b) explosive power c) anaerobic capacity 7) The ability to contract and hold a movement would be which type of strength? a) isotonic b) concentric c) isometric d) eccentric




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