Twórz lepsze zajęcia w krótszym czasie
Correct: in a pickle - in trouble, go Dutch - pay for one's order, rain cats and dogs - heavy rain, red tape - official paperwork, green with envy - very jealous, in black and white - clear/ easy to understand, wolf down - eat very quickly, save for a rainy day - save money for worse time, wiped out - very tired, pig out - eat too much, crunch the numbers - calculate, count, play it by ears - improvise, out of the blue - unexpectedly, once in a blue moon- rarely, Incorrect: over the moon - married, down in the dumps - downstairs, tie the knot - get divorced, a lemon - very good car, social butterfly - works in an office, worrywart - happy person, road hog - a good driver, have a lot on one's plate - eat a lot, backseat driver - always sits in the back, kick the bucket - be very angry, chop chop - cut the meat, chicken feed - chicken food , nosy parker - a noisy person, pig-headed - scared,


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