1) We ____________ to the theatre last week. a) went b) 've gone 2) Yesterday I ____________ dinner with a friend. a) 've had b) had 3) I ____________ champagne. a) 've never tasted b) never tasted 4) When I ____________ a child, I ____________ ice skating. a) 've been / 've loved b) was / loved 5) I ____________ any coffee today – I feel very sleepy! a) haven't had b) didn't have 6) I ____________ any coffee yesterday. a) haven't drunk b) didn't drink 7) I ____________ all his books – I think he’s a wonderful writer. a) ’ve read b) read 8) What ____________ at the weekend? a) have you done b) did you do 9) I ____________ tea – I drink it every day. a) 've always loved b) always loved 10) What subject ____________ at university? a) has she studied b) did she study 11) John ____________ his bus pass – can he borrow some money? a) has lost b) lost 12) How long ____________ Susie for? a) did you know b) have you known 13) He ____________ married for ten years (but he got divorced). a) was b) has been 14) ____________ to Central Park in New York? a) Were you to b) Have you ever been 15) How many books ____________ so far? a) has she written b) did she write 16) He ____________ the dishes, ____________ the living room and ____________ dinner last night. a) 's washed / 's cleaned / 's cooked b) washed / cleaned / cooked 17) My great-grandfather ____________ Scotland. a) never left b) has never left 18) She ____________ to London in 1997. a) come b) came 19) She ____________ snow before. a) 's never seen b) never saw 20) He ____________ married for thirty-five years (and he’s still married now). a) was b) 's been




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