1) What year were recusancy fines reduced? a) 1603 b) 1604 c) 1605 2) Recusancy fines persecuted? a) Catholics b) Protestants c) Puritans 3) The Millenary petition was presented by? a) Puritan ministers b) Catholic priests c) Church of England Bishops 4) Recusancy fines went back to their original rate in? a) 1604 b) 1603 c) 1605 5) The Hampton Court Conference was called to discuss? a) The Gunpowder plot b) The Millenary Petition c) Arminianism 6) How many people signed the millenary peitition? a) 100 ministers b) 1000 ministers c) 10,000 ministers 7) James was loyal to which religion? a) Presbyterianism b) The Church of England c) Catholicism 8) James wanted to achieve: a) A presbyterian reformation in England b) Stability and unity of religion across all three kingdoms c) Introduction of Arminianism 9) The Millenary petition wanted? a) Loyalty to CoE and King as head of Church, simplification of church services and decoration and ceremony in the church b) End to Bishops and introduction of Arminianism c) The introduction of Catholicism 10) The Hampton Court conference led to: a) New translation of the Bible b) End to Bishops c) Introduction of Presbyterianism 11) The Hampton Court conference was held in what year? a) 1603 b) 1604 c) 1605 12) The Gunpowder Plot was in what year? a) 1603 b) 1605 c) 1610 13) The Oath of Allegiance was: (choose 2) a) Where all must declare allegiance to the monarch over the Pope b) Laws against Catholics living near London or holding Public office c) Swear allegiance to the Pope 14) In 1610 who presented to the King a Petition of Religion to the King? a) Protestants b) Presbyterians c) Catholics d) Puritans 15) Bancroft's canons said: a) All clergy had to subscribe to the 39 articles and to everything in the Prayer book b) There were to be no more Bishops c) The Church should be reformed like the Scottish Presbyterian church 16) As a result of the Canons, how many ministers lost their jobs? a) 50 b) 90 c) 120 17) James wanted unity in Scotland too so he: a) Issued the 5 Articles in 1618, these stated that Holy Communion should be taken kneeling, religious holidays celebrated and confirmation performed by Bishops b) Let them continue with their Presbyterianism unaltered for fear of a challenge 18) The reaction to the 5 articles was: a) An uprising in Presbyterian Scotland b) Reluctantly they were passed by Parliament and no further reform was seen until Charles 1




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