1) What was the 1626 Proclamation a) Charles 1 said go have a holiday b) Charles said I love the Puritans lets have a little chat c) Charles banned the discussion of sensitive religious topics 2) The York House conference was? a) To discuss religious disputes between Arminians and Puritans b) To discuss religious disputes between Catholics and Protestants c) Was to discuss religious disputes between Presbyterians and Puritans 3) In 1627 AB Abbot was suspended, why? a) Because he was too Arminian b) Because he was too Puritan c) Because he wouldn't read the arminian Sermon 4) At the York house conference, Charles did not attend, who was there and clearly supported the Arminianism cause? a) Laud b) Wentworth c) Buckingham 5) In what year did Laud become AB of Canterbury? a) 1629 b) 1631 c) 1633 6) In 1633 what was issued that allowed activities on the holy day of a Sunday? a) The Book of Activities b) The Book of Sport c) The Proclamation 7) In 1637, who's ambassador visited the Court of Charles 1? a) King of France b) Kind of Spain c) The Pope 8) Henerietta Maria was able to do something that angered the political nation, what was it? a) Practice Catholicism b) Leave the country c) Speak to the Pope 9) In what year did Montagu become the Royal Chaplain? a) 1624 b) 1625 c) 1626 10) Who followed Montagu as the next Royal Chaplain? a) Laud b) Abbott c) Maynwaring 11) What things did Laudian religious reforms change? (Tick 4) a) Ritual in the church b) recusancy fines c) Censorship d) How worship was carried out e) Where the altar was placed f) Who could be a Bishop 12) Why were Burton, Bastwick and Prynne punished? What was so shocking about it? (pick 2) a) They were all peers, they had their ears cropped and were branded b) They published a pamphlet criticising Laudianism c) They criticised the King d) They called for more ceremony in church 13) What year was the prayer book introduced into St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh? (Think about - what was the response?) a) 1633 b) 1635 c) 1637 d) 1639




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