we use 'a/an': to refer to things in general, as an example of a type of thing, with singular countable nouns mentioned for the first time, with jobs, in set phrases or expressions (once __ week), we use 'the': to refer to specific things, to refer to things that have already been mentioned, when there's only one, for superlatives, for some important buildings (town hall), for some countries (USA), rivers, deserts, seas, oceans, for plural names of mountain ranges (Alps), for newspapers, inventiones, musical instruments, with an adjective to mean a particular group of people, we use 'zero article': for uncountable nouns, for most continents, countries, cities, lakes, streets, mountains, shops, restaurants, individual people, for games, sports, languages and school subjects, for some institutions, unless we are just visiting, for some set expressions (on foot, by train),





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