Name 3 things you can eat with rice., Name 3 shapes., Name 3 places that can be found in every city., Name 3 things you can do with a stick., Name 3 forest fruits., Name 3 things people do when nobody is looking., Name 3 mammals., Name 3 luxurious cars., Name 3 fish dishes., Name 3 items that can be found in a woman's purse., Name 3 places with stairs., Give 3 words that rhyme with the word 'fly'., Name 3 planets., Name 3 things that can be read., Name 3 things you can see at a circus., Name 3 things that show time., Name 3 brands of cosmetics., Name 3 ways to warm up in winter., Name 3 types of bears., Name 3 things that stink., Name 3 types of medical treatment., Name 3 countries with Euro as currency., Name 3 things that can be caught., Name 3 things that you have to learn on your own., Name 3 snacks., Name 3 famous buildings located in the USA., Name 3 things you have never done., Name 3 items you can buy at a bakery., Name 3 places where spiders can be found., Name 3 types of shoes., Name 3 dishes that contain eggs., Name 3 places with a swimming pool., Name 3 white things., Name 3 games you can play at the beach., Name 3 types of playground equipment., Name 3 bad things about school., Name 3 winter activities or sports., Name 3 countries in Asia., Name 3 things that are wet., Name 3 movie characters. .


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