1) A: ___________ you ever ___________(own) a dog?  a) Have you ever owned b) Are you ever owning c) Do you ever own 2) We __________never___________ (have) a pet. a) are never having b) do never have c) have never had 3) Why _______ the dog ______________(bark) now? a) is the dog barking b) does the dog bark c) has the dog barked 4) The dog is barking, because he ______________(think) there is someone at the door. a) think b) thinks c) is thinking 5) What _______ animals _______ when they are in danger? a) do animals do b) are animals doing c) have animals done 6) When animals are in danger, they _________warn) other animals a) warn b) are warning c) warns 7) Why _______ you ________(learn) sign language now? a) do you learn b) are you learning c) have you learnt 8) I am learning sign language now because I ___________(go) out with a girl who can't hear. a) go b) am going c) have gone




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