1) I got this gift just _____ you. a) for b) from 2) I can run _____ camp to the shop. a) for b) from 3) I can't see _____ is in the tall grass. a) who b) how 4) I don't see ___ you can stand the cold wind. a) who b) how 5) We _____ just going to class. a) were b) where 6) She went _______ she could sit and rest. a) were b) where 7) I went to get lunch, but there was _____ left. a) now b) none 8) He left to get lunch just ____. a) now b) none 9) I want to _______ where you hid my gift! a) know b) now 10) They would like to go _____. a) know b) now 11) I see a dog over ______ by the shed. a) there b) their 12) I see ______ dog over by the shed. a) their b) there 13) I want ____ donuts. Yum! a) too b) two 14) I had ____ many donuts, and I feel sick now. a) too b) two 15) You never ______, it could happen. a) now b) know c) none 16) Lots ___ bugs are on the tree. a) of b) off 17) The bugs will jump ____ the twig. a) off b) of

Sight Words (tricky pairs up to Barton level 4.4 )

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