Jerzy Kukuczka ____ born in Katowice in 1948. His parents ____ from Istebna, a small town in the Silesian Beskid mountains. He ____ climbing in the Tatra mountains, where in 1966 he ____a climbing course. Next Jerzy ____ to Italy to climb in the Dolomites, where he ____ an accident and ____ some time in hospital. In 1975 Jerzy ____ married to his fiance, Cecylia. They ____ two sons, Wojciech and Maciek. In 1979 Jerzy ____ in the Himalayas, where he ____ the peak of his first 8,000 metre mountain - Lhotse. Between 1979 and 1987, Kukuczka ____ the second person in the world to complete 'The Crown of The Himalayas' - he ____ all fourteen8,000 metre mountains. Jerzy Kukuczka was very successful and famous, but he ____ stop climbing. He ____ back to the Himalayas and ____ in an accident on Lhotse. His adventure with the highest mountains in the world ____ in the same place where it started.




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