1) where you worked and how you got there 2) why you applied for this job 3) what you did every day in your job 4) how you got on with the people you worked with 5) if you would recommend this experience to others 6) what you learned about France while you were there 7) what you liked/disliked about the job 8) what you did in your free time 9) where you found the job advert and how you applied for the job 10) what you did with the money you earned 11) if you would recommend working abroad. 12) if you got on with your boss and the other employees 13) what you did in the evenings/at weekends 14) what was for sale at the market 15) what you ate and drank 16) what you thought of their house 17) what you learned about Spanish culture 18) the plans your penpal has for a return visit 19) why your friend was having a party and where it took place 20) what you enjoyed most about the party 21) the plans you will make if your Spanish friend comes to visit you


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