1) Looking at the world today , things are going down and the heat keeps ____ 2) we cut trees, ___ seas 3) what's another word for this? NOT garbage or rubbish 4) there isn't a lot of water in the world - 'water is ____' 5) the ear is p______ 6) to tell the truth = to come ______ 7) to be eco friendly = to go _____ 8) the apocalypse is coming! We are all d_____ 9) we call different kinds of animals = s________ 10) things you don't need = j______ 11) help save the planet! Be a s_______! 12) another word for happiness is j______ 13) What is burning? g_____ 14) What is this? f____ 15) come on! Get your ____ together! 16) ___ others like you ___ yourself!




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