1) Psychoanalysis is based on the work of... a) Skinner b) Aichhorn c) Freud d) Eysenck 2) A weak superego results from... a) Inadequate socialisation as a child b) Being bullied as a child c) Harsh parenting d) Having a strong ID 3) Aichhorn applied psychoanalysis as a policy for treating young offenders. Why had normal socialisation not taken place? a) They did not grow up with siblings b) They had uncaring or absent parents c) They had grown up in a society with poor values d) They had been absent a lot from school 4) What does not develop if normal socialisation has not taken place? a) Id b) Ego c) Superego 5) Aichhorn's work links to Bowlby's theory of Maternal.... a) Absence b) Poverty c) Deprivation d) Hardship 6) Aichhorn believed that giving the children a happy and pleasant environment would make development of the superego possible a) True b) False 7) Which of the following is NOT a weakness of psychoanalysis as a crime control policy? a) It is costly and time consuming b) It can lead to a power imbalance which can give rise to abuse c) It could cause distress d) It has been used on a large scale for treating criminals 8) Eysenck found that ____% of psychoanalysis patients treated for neurosis showed improvement compared to ___% of patients treated by GP's or hospitals a) 20, 80 b) 44, 72 c) 65, 45 d) 7, 55 9) Eysenck argued that criminals are likely to be ______ so psychoanalysis is also unlikely to work for them a) Neurotic b) Extrovert c) Psychotic d) Introvert 10) A 2010 study concluded that psychoanalysis works as well as other psychotherapy treatments such as... a) Aversion theapy b) Drug treatments c) CBT d) Diet

Unit 2 AC4.1 Individualistic Policies - Psychoanalysis




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