1) Who part-privatised the probation service? a) 2005 Labour Government b) 2001 Liberal Democrat Government c) 2014 Conservative Government 2) What do CRC's stand for? a) Community Retribution Companies b) Community Rehabilitation Companies c) Corporate Rehabilitation Companies d) Corporate Retribution Companies 3) What were CRC's set up to deal with? a) Low-risk offenders b) Sex offenders c) High-risk offenders d) Murderers 4) In what year were CRC's terminated? a) 2010 b) 2001 c) 2020 d) 2016 5) Which of the following is NOT a main aim of the probation services? a) Supervise b) Monitor  c) Educate d) Support e) Rehabilitate 6) Out of the 21 CRC's, how many failed to meet their targets for rehabilitating offenders? a) 10 b) 17 c) 13 d) 19 7) Housing needs were met only ___% of the time with case supervised by CRC's compared with ___% of NPS supervised cases a) 54, 70 b) 45, 80 c) 70, 54 d) 80, 45 8) Offenders were often only supervised over the telephone by CRCs a) True b) False 9) CRCs have been more successful than NPS in achieving social control a) True b) False 10) What was the proportion of offenders who were recorded as successfully completing their period of licence with the NPS following release from custody? a) 59% b) 45% c) 92% d) 77% 11) The reoffending rate has dropped between 2011- 2018 a) True b) False 12) The number of probation officers has... a) Gone down b) Stayed the same c) Gone up




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