1) What is crime control? a) Methods used to reduce crime in society b) Punishments c) After a crime happens d) Useless e) Formal policy 2) What are social values? a) Values are principles, beliefs and guidelines about how we should live our lives b) Individual perceptions of crime c) Demographics d) Different cultures 3) Media can change... a) Public perceptions about crime b) The weather c) Social constructions 4) CBT is a form of... a) Crime control policy b) Therapy to access unconscious mind c) An ineffective development d) Aversion therapy 5) Which of these is a modern, Western value? a) Individual focus b) Focus on the group 6) Which of these are individualistic policies? a) Zero Tolerance b) CBT c) Aversion Therapy d) Compulsory sterilisation e) Token economies f) Reintegrative shaming 7) What is social change? a) Changes in social institutions, social behaviours, and/or social relations b) One persons beliefs change c) Society ignoring new theories 8) What year did homosexuality become decriminalised? a) 1989 b) 1967 c) 2002 d) 1963 9) Which of these are examples of changes in society? a) Attitudes to smoking indoors b) Equality in the pay gap c) Racism d) Covid--19 pandemic e) Feminism 10) What is the 'Windrush generation'? a) Immigrants who were invited into the UK between 1948 and 1971 b) A windy period of time c) A group who were treated fairly and justly d) A group who bought nothing of significance to England 11) What are norms? a) General principles, beliefs, or guidelines b) Specific rules or socially accepted standards about behavioural expectations c) Moral rules d) Encouraging anti-social behaviour 12) What is meant by cultural change? a) The change in values and attitudes towards groups or people  b) Changing attitudes towards behaviours c) Changing attitudes to the demographics in society d) Society dismissing new ideas and attitudes  13) What is the main reason for immigration to the UK? a) For the cold weather b) Willingness to take economic opportunities citizens usually refuse c) Fleeing persection d) Because Boris is a great leader e) Desire for a change in culture 14) How have demographic changes influenced decline in prejudice? a) Changes in the law affect behaviour and attitudes b) Media panics around immigation c) The promotion of hatred d) Mixing in workplaces and schools e) Immigrants taking the low paid jobs 15) Road safety campaigns are a result of a) Changing attitudes to road safety b) A cultural change c) Society staying the same d) Safe driving practices 16) The Race Relations Act is a result of... a) Changes in demographics b) Changes in age c) Continuing discrimination d) Declining prejudice 17) What is secularisation? a) Equal rights b) A campaign c) Movement away from religion d) Securing changes e) A cultural change 18) The most important moral rules are...  a) Values b) Mores c) Norms d) Rules 19) Drink driving laws are an example of a) Public perceptions changing b) Unnecessary laws c) An unregulated crime d) A law proposed by Parliament 20) What do criminological theories influence? a) Policies for informal policies b) Policies for crime control c) Policies for state punishments d) Policies for cultural changes

Criminology Quiz - social changes and policy development




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